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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Public sector reform roadmap

The Asian Development Bank has been tasked with preparing a roadmap for public sector reforms. The Ministry of Public Enterprises and Public Sector Reforms, with the assistance of the Ministry of Finance and National Planning, has arranged a wide-ranging program of technical assistance from the ADB to help with the reforms.

The Ministry of Public Enterprises and Public Sector Reforms said the focus of the program would be on preparing a practical roadmap for restructuring public enterprises to improve their efficiency and increase their return on investment. The ministry has already contracted a consultant and assigned a full range of tasks which need to be completed for successful reforms, including policy priorities, institutional changes, expected benefits and estimated costs of changes.

While the focus is on public enterprises, the scope of work is designed to be comprehensive and take into account broader reforms in order to ensure that Government and the public can be fully informed of policy options and gain maximum benefits.

Technical assistance will look at how the restructure of public enterprises can contribute to other national development policies of Government, in particular, to increase economic growth, generate employment, stimulate higher standards of living and implement affirmative action programs.

The roadmap would set out choices for Government policy on public enterprise ownership, performance and divestment. It will cover the strategy and options for divestiture of selected public enterprises; promotion of public-private partnerships; corporate governance of public enterprises; promotion of linkages to capital market development; and design and management of the whole change process.


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