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Monday, June 19, 2006

Construction and Tourism Sectors - two booming sectors - lack skilled labour

Taken from a Fiji TV News Item.

The construction and tourism sectors remains two of the key areas still desperately short of skilled local staff. A training needs survey now underway by the Training and Productivity Authority (TPAF) will attempt to establish the skills gaps in other sectors of the economy.

Gaps which TPAF says has resulted in the increasing number of expatriates now being given the green light to come and work here. They are the future of our workforce.

It's a hands-on approach which the training and productivity authority says is now facing a shortage. All employers are now being told to help release details of who and how much they are investing in upskilling their workers.

Two key sectors already identified as in desperate need of local skills is tourism and construction. In the Nadi coast area where at least three major hotel projects are ongoing, skills training has been anticipated.

Identifying skills gaps in the economy will mean getting detailed feedback from all employers. TPAF like other educational institutions remain adament that its better to have a fully qualified worforce in demand, than to have a skills shortage with nothing to offer economically.

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