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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Credit Corporation pays the highest rates for retail term deposits

In an environment contributed to by the recent interest rates hike by the Reserve Bank of Fiji, there has been much activity in deposit interest rates in the financial markets in Fiji. The latest has seen an increase in retail term deposit rates by Credit Corporation to 6.75% for 1 year TDs. The second highest rate is currently charged by Home Finance Corporation of 6.5%. The commercial banks pay below 6% for TDs of 12 months tenure. Note that the above rates are for retail deposits, financial institutions offer higher rates for wholesale deposits of more than F$100,000.00. Deposits are only one form of investment in the money and capital markets. There are other instruments available which investors may consider. If you need assistance and advice on where and how to place your investments in the money and capital markets in Fiji, we can help you. Our principal, Gilbert Veisamasama Jr is an Investment Adviser licensed by the Capital Markets Development Authority in Fiji. Contact us on Gilbert & Samuels Company Limited, telephone +679 3396427 or e-mail


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