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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fiji as a Pacific hub

Taken from an article in the Fiji Times.

A stable exchange rate, low and stable inflation and competitive interest rates are some of the things Fiji needs to consolidate on its advantages as an infrastructure, commercial and knowledge hub of the Pacific. This was suggested by Australian National University academic Doctor Satish Chand, in a paper presented at a workshop in Vuda on Globalisation : Challenges to Fiji's Diplomacy.

In a paper titled Regionalism : an Opportunity or an Imposition, Dr Chand said that on the microeconomic front, it was important to maintain law and order, improve long-term and secure access to land, maintain policy stability and improve access to basic services such as primary health care and education.

"Fiji is extremely well positioned, as the geographical, infrastructure, and knowledge hub of the islands of the Pacific, to have a pivotal role in regional integration. No other island nation comes even close, as an alternative to Fiji on this", Dr Chand said.

Dr Chand said Fiji was strategically placed, en route to North America and Asia from Australian and New Zealand to serve as the hub of the Pacific. He said Nadi had for decades, served as an international hub for regional aviation while Lautoka and Suva had done the same for regional shipping. The Southern Cross cable, which links Australia and New Zealand with the rest of the world, passes through Fiji.

"These locational advantages are here to stay. Many of the smaller island neighbours of Fiji depend on this hub for trade, commerce and diplomatic links. Fiji is close to being indispensable for regional trade on these considerations alone", Dr Chand said.

He added that Nadi had the region's best international airport and accommodation, ground transport and telecommunications services. He said Suva was home to several international organisations and major business houses. Dr Chand said there was potential for Nadi to grow further as Pacific's tourism hub and Suva as its commercial hub.

He said Suva had a long history of being the hub for tertiary education for the island Pacific but the potential for further growth of this sector remained to be fully exploited.

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