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Thursday, July 13, 2006

LPG vehicles are economical

Vehicles run by liquid petroleum gas (LPG) are found to be economical, comfortable and without noise and fumes. LPG cars are also low maintenance. The comments were made by the owner of a major taxi company in Suva. Government provides tax concessions for taxi permit holders only. After these concessions, these cars are cheaper to purchase than diesel or petrol vehicles. In Fiji, there is scope for the import and sale of these cars as Government looks at measures to contain its high import bill - one of the major components of which is that paid for fuel and oil. Note from GV : Foreign investors wishing to set up business or invest in Fiji can use our company, Gilbert & Samuels Company Limited, to facilitate all necessary licences, permits and approvals required for setting up. We provide other business advisory services as well. Our contacts are : telephone +679 3396427 or e-mail


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