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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Digicel sees Fiji as Pacific hub

International telecommunications operator, Digicel, says it wants to make Fiji the Pacific hub for its operations.

The company's chairman said the company was confident of launching Digicel in Fiji in the coming months. "We have great confidence in the Government of Fiji. We fully intend Fiji to be the Pacific hub for Digicel operations", the Chairman said.

Digicel has been awarded a GSM licence from the governments Samoa and Papua New Guinea. Digicel Pacific Limited also announced its acquisition of Telecom Samoa by Digicel (Samoa) Limited. Digicel purchased Telecom Samoa from Telecom New Zealand. The company said Digicel Samoa would launch a GSM network in October 2006 representing Digicel Pacific's flagship operation and providing at least 80% population coverage in Samoa.

The company said its aim was to place the entire pan-Pacific region at the cutting edge of wireless technology and being passionate about providing the best mobile phone service to customers.

Digicel was granted a licence in principle from the Fiji Government in April 2006 as well as an experimental licence in the Solomon Islands.

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