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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Port reforms to continue

Efforts to privatise the stevedoring functions of the Ports Terminal Limited would significantly contribute to efficiency and productivity of the ports leading to improved turnaround of vessels, according to the Minister for Public Enterprises.

The Minister said that Cabinet has approved a submission made to proceed with the next phase of port reforms.

The changes will allow private sector companies to enter the industry and instill some competitive pressure on service providers at the ports to ensure that customers get the best service. This is expected to have positive implications on the cost of doing business at Fiji ports.

Note from GV : Fiji lies at the centre of shipping routes that go through the Pacific region. If reforms of the ports industry is done well, the country will stand to gain from more use of our ports to transmit cargo destined for other countries in Asia, Central and Northern America and other Pacific island countries. Foreign investors that require assistance to set up business or invest in Fiji, can use our company, Gilbert & Samuels Company Limited to assist them to acquire all the necessary permits, licences and approvals required. Our principal has very good contacts in key places and is an invaluable source. To contact us, you can e-mail or call +679 3396427 or +679 9921427.


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