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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Inconsistencies in interpretation of investment incentives need to be sorted out

Inconsistencies in the interpretation of investment incentives must be ironed out to encourage more investment in Fiji, says the Prime Minister.

The PM told the National Economic Summit last week that the lack of a single publication setting out full details of investment incentives was a problem for investors. "The gap needs to be filled. There must be clear, unambiguous explanations of what exactly is available and the procedures for application", the PM said.

Specific attention would be given to incentives for agricultural exports and should include provisions for investors to source good and services locally.

Resolutions from the Summit included the need to urgently accelerate reforms, sustain a politically stable environment, address the duplication of education policies which impacted on the labour markets and provide a definition of poverty in the Fiji context.

It also agreed to look into the establishment of appropriate jetties for the rural islands and to better police shipping services.

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