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Monday, November 20, 2006

Breadfruit exports hit a high

Breadfruit exports increased by 21% last year compared to 2004 and exporters anticipate further increases given the high demand. The Ministry of Agriculture said 17 tonnes of breadfruit was exported last year compared to 14 tonnes in 2004.

The Ministry said there was a big demand for breadfruit in Australia and New Zealand. It said that at present breadfruit was not grown in organised plantations and the ministry's long term project was to have a breadfruit plantation.

National Exports Limited, a company exporting breadfruit, said there was a big demand for breadfruit overseas. He said his company exported "uto dina" (a type of breadfruit) to New Zealand and the United States at F$2.80 to F$3.00 a kilogram. "Uto dina" is preferred because of its taste.

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