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Sunday, November 05, 2006

PM calls for smaller civil service

The Prime Minister has called for a reorganised and cost effective civil service in order to achieve a stronger economy, more employment and to reduce poverty. The comment was made at the annual civil service awards function at the FMF Dome on Friday night, 3 November 2006.

The PM said the civil service consumed far too much of government funding in its operating expenditure but that this would now be controlled to allow for an increase in Government's capital investment expenditure.

This, the PM said, would permit Government to spend more money on education, health, agriculture, rural development, and law and order.

The PM said there was also a need to stop laxity and abuse in spending public funds, considering the instances of corruption that continued to surface.

In the meantime, the Chairman of the Public Service Commission had to ward off criticism of providing annual civil service awards in a service which is still not productive and efficient enough.

The Chairman said that major improvements in the service will not take place until the reform process begins, adding that they have been given 2 years to do that.


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