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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Calling Fijians working abroad and former Fiji citizens living overseas - an opportunity to invest in Fiji

Fijians working abroad and former Fiji residents living overseas, may wish to consider reinvesting in Fiji. Interest rates (for savings/deposits) are high and there are countless other opportunities to invest in Fiji. The real estate market is at the stage where there will be a number of properties on the market soon on mortgagee sale as property owners default resulting from the events of December 2006.

Pls e-mail us on to get a brochure outlining some of the forms of investment available and how we can assist you.

To contact us by telephone, you can call telephones +679 3396427 or send a text message to +679 9921427.

Let us help you find a niche for your investment in Fiji.

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