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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dry dock facility delivered to Suva

A dry dock facility was delivered to Suva a few days ago and will be used by Fiji Ship Building and Heavy Industries Limited, a government corporation for ship repairing services. The facility was bought after an independent study revealed that there was scope for Fiji to offer ship repairing services rather than ship building. However, from my own discussions with members of the public, I would suggest that there is also a demand for ship building services in Fiji. It would, however, have to focus on the construction of small to medium sized boats and launches which is in demand with the rural communities in Fiji. There is also a scope for Fiji to improve and offer large containerised storage parks where international companies can store their goods conveniently awaiting orders from Pacific or Asian countries where they could then be delivered. Fiji's favourable location along major sea routes and being in an area of the Pacific close to Australia, New Zealand, other Pacific Islands and Asia, would stand it in good stead for such business. Foreign investors who are in this industry may wish to look into that possibility.

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