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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Looking for property owners who want to dispose off their properties

Fiji has seen a number of senior executives being terminated as a result of investigations being carried out by the Interim Government. These senior executives, who usually own more than one property, will find it hard to meet their loan repayments. With the need to protect their reputation and avoid public embarrassment, they will want to hold back on these properties for as long as possible. However, it may be good to sell off the property for a reasonable price before the bank moves in to foreclose. If you are in such a situation, I can assist you with finding a buyer for your property. I am looking at properties that are being sold at a discount (i.e. less than valuation to meet loan debt and for a quick sale). If you fall in this category and want to talk, e-mail me on or call telephone (679) 3396427 or (679) 9921427. If you know of a friend or family member who might need this service, pls forward our contacts to them.

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