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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Production Studio for Yaqara

An Australian company, Beach Hut Media, says that a F$450 million movie production studio could begin operations in Fiji as early as April 2007. The studio will be located at Yaqara Studio City.

The company said that while it will be not as big as something like Warner Brothers Studio, it will contribute to Fiji's economy by bringing it much needed investment and employment. Registered in Fiji as Beach Hut Media Fiji, the company said it will attempt to employ as much local talent as possible. The company has been impressed with the talent shown by students of the FIT School of Art, Culture & Design.

Beach Hut Media Fiji will look at introducing producers from overseas markets to invest in Fiji and get films produced here. The first part of the project will see about 25 feature films produced in Fiji.

The company will be bringing in US-based script writers into the country this month.

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