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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Connect Internet : More Downloads at the Same Price

Connect Fiji has announced its new rates with take immediate effect from today, Tuesday, 1 May 2007. The promotion sees an increase (doubling up) of data download caps with 6 months of free local calls on weekends. The rates are as follows :
  • 128Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$39.50, previous data cap 750Mb, new data cap 1500Mb;
  • 256Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$89.50, previous data cap 1000Mb, new data cap 2000Mb;
  • 256Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$125.00, previous data cap 2000Mb, new data cap 4000Mb;
  • 256Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$199.00, previous data cap 3000Mb, new data cap 6000Mb;
  • 512Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$299.00, previous data cap 5000Mb, new data cap 10000Mb;
  • 1024Kbps speed, monthly rate of F$39.50, previous data cap 8000Mb, new data cap 16000Mb.

The promotion applies both to new and existing customers. An installation fee of F$99.00 applies for new customers.

For more details, pls visit Connect Fiji's website on or call their toll free number on 0800 3316677.

Note : Compare with Kidanet Fiji's rates which were posted on this blog earlier.

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