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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dalo exports - a big potential

Dalo exports from Fiji has a big potential with around 30,000 tonnes expected for export this year. In 2006, total dalo production was 76,155 tonnes compared to 83,751 tonnes in 2005.

11,434 tonnes of dalo, valued at $20.93million, were exported in 2006 compared to an export of 9,959 tonnes, valued at $19million, in 2005.

The Agriculture Ministry said that with Fiji dalo well known for its taste, it provided an opportunity for farmers to produce more for export.

The slight reduction in dalo production last year was due to farmers producing cassava which were mostly bought by a local factory. Farmers were now planting more cassava as it is easier to grow and it got a good price locally.

60 per cent of the dalo exported was from Taveuni Island while the rest was from the Central Division.

Dalo price in the local market is F$10.00 to F$15.00 per bundle in the local markets while the New Zealand wholesale market prices for Fiji Pink is $65.00 per 30 kilograms and Fiji white is $55.00 per 30 kilogram.

Dalo planting takes place from August to November with harvests from February to March each year.

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