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Friday, May 04, 2007

More demand for travel to the Pacific from Asia

A report in the Fiji Times today, Friday, 4 May 2007, highlights an increase in demand for travel to/through the Pacific from Asia. Figures quoted from the International Air Transport Association showed that Asia-Pacific aviation was up 6.9% in March 2007 while available seats grew at only 6%.

Singapore Airlines said the figures indicated that there was room for the airline to fly between Australia and the US, a route the Asian carrier is blocked from.

An approval of more airlines to service the Australia-USA route would mean more stopovers for Fiji which will bring us more tourists and opens up more air cargo and export links to Asian countries.

Before Air Pacific acquires the capability (aircraft capacity) to fly direct to Singapore and other Asian destinations which it plans to do, they could learn from large established airlines such as Singapore Airlines if these were approved to fly the Asia-Pacific route.

Singapore Airlines has also been an airline that has proven itself in terms of its high service standards - again lessons that Air Pacific could benefit from.

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