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Friday, May 25, 2007

More exports to Canada

More exports, particularly of fresh fruits and vegetables, to Canada from Fiji is being encouraged. This was the focus of the trip to Fiji this week of Fiji Consular to Canada, Ashwant Dwivedi.

Among the suggestions that Dwivedi made in a Fiji TV appearance this evening included :
  1. that Fiji aim to increase exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to Canada which was an open market (unlike a closed market like the USA which has only a list of permitted imports from countries such as Fiji);
  2. that exporters work on being able to meet the demand levels of Canadian consumers when they enter that market;
  3. that exporters work on being competitive with the pricing of their products; and
  4. that the "Fiji" brand, including all products marked as being from Fiji, have premium pricing in the Canadian market which Fiji exporters could take advantage of.

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