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Friday, May 18, 2007

Telecommunications Deregulation Discussions to start

Discussions will be held on 24 May 2007 with regard to a compensation package to be paid to present telecommunication providers in exchange for the removal of exclusive licences they currently hold.

The discussions are being coordinated by the Ministry of Communications and will be between Government, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings and other telecommunication operators who will be affected by the removal of exclusive licences.

Amalgamated Telecom Holdings' subsidiaries include Telecom Fiji Ltd, Vodafone Fiji Ltd, Fiji Directories Ltd, Connect, Xceed Pasifika Ltd and Transtel Ltd.

Currently, exclusive licences are held by FINTEL (international), Telecom Fiji (domestic fixed line) and Vodafone (mobile).

The telecommunications market is likely to be opened up earlier than exclusive deal given to the companies for which they will be compensated.

Plans for a new legal and regulatory framework as part of the Telecommunications sector reform was endorsed by the Interim Government.

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