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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fiji Television Unit and Audio Visual Commission to merge?

The Interim Government will soon be conducting a viability analysis of the possible merger of the Film and Television Unit and the Fiji Audio Visual Commission.

The review will ascertain whether merging the two organisations would be the preferred alternative to setting up a corporatised Film and TV unit.

Currently, the Film and Television Unit is part of the Ministry of Information. It prepares and airs television programs (on Fiji TV) that provides information on government policies, developments and events of national significance. The Unit was was established in the early 1940s.

The scoping study will review the roles and functions of the Fiji Audio Visual Commission, the Film and Television Unit and in-house production units of the ministry as well as review the budget of the unit and ministries to determine the cost of providing production services.

It will also identify new business opportunities and ascertain the level of government assistance that should be provided to any new body.

The study will also determine an organisational structure and key position descriptions for the new body.

Government will be commissioning independent consultants to carry out the scoping study.

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