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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dubai Company interested in oil refinery

A Dubai based company is interested in setting up an oil refinery in Fiji and is conducting a feasibility study on the issue.

The interest was advised during a recent Fiji exploratory mission on trade and investment to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

In addition another Dubai company is also interested in setting up a financial institution in Fiji to provide the full range of merchant banking services. This company will be visiting Fiji soon to pursue the matter.

Meetings between Fiji representatives and those from Dubai revealed that there was an interest from Dubai for Fiji products such as fresh fish and fisheries products, processed and sawn timber, halal meat including poultry, beef and goat meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

To facilitate market access into the United Arab Emirates, Dubai companies are also interested in assisting Fiji companies with infrastructure development, technical expertise and capital required to set up operations intended to provide consistent and timely supply of quality products.

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