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Friday, July 27, 2007

Key Interest Rates Statistics

Here are some key interest rates statistics obtained from the Reserve Bank of Fiji Quarterly Review for March 2007 :
  • Weighted Average Lending Rates for Banks, 9.84% (the highest since 1997);
  • Weighted Average Time Deposit Rates for Banks, 8.73% (starting to fall after peaking at 9.05% in December 2006, however, the rate is on the high side going back to 1994 for which the data series starts);
  • Weighted Average Savings Deposit Rates for Banks, 0.98%;
  • Government Treasury Bills 91-day rate, 8.63%.

Copies of the Reserve Bank of Fiji's Quarterly Review can be bought at F$5.00 each for Fiji residents or for an annual subscription of between US$28.00 to US$59.00 (depending on country of residence) for overseas subscribers.

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