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Friday, August 03, 2007

Fish exports to the US grows

Fiji exports to the US has continued to grow and has surpassed the US$1 million mark in April 2007.

Read more in an article reproduced from the Fiji Times below.

"Improved growth in fish export to US, Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fiji's exports of fresh and frozen fish to the United States of America achieved a record in May, passing the $US1million ($F1.59m) mark for the first time to hit $US1.056m ($F1.68m).
This represented a 166 per cent increase over May, 2006, and a 6 per cent growth over April 2007.

Fiji Trade Commission Los Angeles office trade and marketing officer, Colin King said: "We have been pushing hard to open up new markets and expand existing ones for fresh and frozen fish here in the USA and we are pleased to note the good results achieved by this export industry.

This export product performed extremely well in the first five months of 2007, averaging a growth rate of 32 per cent per month and surpassing all records for the same period in the past five years."

He said this category of export included fresh or chilled reef fish (eg sabutu, kawakawa, ta, kawago), frozen deep-sea fish (eg walu, tuna, mahimahi), dried and smoked fish, vacuum packed fillets and live fish.

Mr King said the growth demonstrated the high and increasing demand for Fiji fish, not only by former Fiji residents, but by small US restaurants.

He said the challenge faced by this commodity was the local exporters' ability to maintain consistent and sustainable supplies to meet the US demands.

Trade Commissioner Ilisoni Vuidreketi said their export promotion strategy was to develop selected industries like fish and agro-produce that had high growth potential.

"We are delighted to see the steady growth of fresh fish, one of our important resource-based export industries, and we forecast that it will set a new annual record this year," he said.

Fiji's top three exports to the USA are tuna loins, Fiji Water and sugar. Fresh and frozen fish has now moved up, surpassing timber, to become the number four export to the USA."

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