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Thursday, June 19, 2008

China's aid in Pacific Islands Countries

China has increased its aid the Pacific countries significantly over the past three years. Research has concluded that China aid increased from $US33 million in 2005 to $US 293 million in 2007.
Most of these funds have been promised to large infrastructure projects which will be built by Chinese companies, using Chinese sourced materials.

Pacific Island Governments will also receive some aid. The aid they will receive can however be used at will to finance any expenses or projects that they think are necessary.

Chinese into the Pacific Islands region has increased substantially in recent years. Such aid has been received with open arms by most Pacific Island countries who are much dependent on aid money. For some island countries, a dependency attitude has evolved over the years making them ever dependent on aid funds.

Some recent analysis showed that an increase in aid funds do not lead to a corresponding increase in economic growth. Please refer to the Forum Secretariat website for some recent analysis done by economists.

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