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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fiji Electricity Authority increases surcharges and reveals incompetence

Another opinion piece from me!

The Fiji Electricity Authority has again increased consumer surcharges continuing to blame the high international fuel prices and the need to fund some of its alternative fuel projects as a reason for the increase.

In the ensuing discussions by the Authority's Chief Executive Officer, there is no mention of any use of "free" energy e.g. solar or wind and how customers can be encouraged to use these.

After the announcement of the increase in surcharges, a multitude of complaints has flowed in with businesses and business groups complaining of the increase and how it would impact on their bottom lines.

What the Authority needs is a good review of its direction again. Instead of having an objective of trying to milk consumers for all they are worth, perhaps it could put the national objective of reducing reliance on imports (of fuel/oil) and contributing to improving Fiji's foreign reserves first and foremost.

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