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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review of our Transport Infrastructure and Strategic Plans

Here is another opinion piece from me with regard to the state of our roads and transport systems.

I would really love to see what our transport and communications experts have in any Strategic Plans that they might have for Fiji in the area of transport and communications.

One look at the import figures shows what a heavy reliance Fiji has on oil imports to meet, both industrial and consumer needs.

Secondly, our roads are becoming very busy and congested, particularly the routes between Suva and Nausori, Nadi and Lautoka, during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

I had posted a piece on suggestions to help improve on our road congestion problem on our other blog, some time ago.

One simple and quick solution is to put in place a rail system between these two towns/cities and then restructure the fare and tax rebates to encourage residents to use the rail system rather than their own or other vehicles for travelling between any of the two locations.

The initial outlay cost might be too foreboding, but I am sure the long term benefits will much outweigh the short term costs. Some of these benefits include :
  • reduced oil import costs;
  • reduced pollution from vehicle exhaust fumes;
  • reduced traffic noise (which is made even more worse by vehicle owners who carry the music and sound systems of auditoriums in their vehicles);
  • less traffic accidents;
  • reduced road rage;
  • reduced complaints from residents;
  • better health for residents, etc.

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