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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our blog makes it onto Alexa's top sites from Fiji

Our blog,, made it to Number 11 on Alexa's top Business and Economy sites from Fiji and the Oceania region. The category we came under was Regional > Oceania > Fiji > Business and Economy.

Our site ranked higher than other sites such as Vinod Patel Company Limited, Howards Law, Naisoso Island, Mark One Apparel, Denarau Real Estate, Webmasters, Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre, Europa - Development EU Relations in Fiji, UN Sustainable Development - Fiji, IMF - Fiji and the IMF, Capital Markets Development Authority, Colonial Fiji, Datec (Fiji) Limited, Fijian Holdings Limited, Housing Authority, and many others.

Other sites that ranked higher than ours were as follows, according to their ranking :
  1. Fiji Web Design;
  2. Vodafone Fiji;
  3. Standss (South Pacific) Limited;
  4. Connect Internet Services;
  5. Business Software Solutions;
  6. Reserve Bank of Fiji;
  7. Internet Fiji;
  8. Taunovo Bay;
  9. GMR Mohammed & Sons (Pty) Limited; and
  10. Harbour Propriety Services Limited.

Get more information on this link.

In the sub-category Regional > Oceania > Fiji > Business and Economy > Financial Services, our site was ranked No. 2 behind the Reserve Bank of Fiji. The top 10 rankings for this subcategory were as follows :

  1. Reserve Bank of Fiji;
  2. Invest in Fiji (our site);
  3. Pacific Financial Technical Assistance Centre;
  4. Capital Markets Development Authority;
  5. Colonial Fiji;
  6. Fijian Holdings Limited;
  7. Housing Authority;
  8. South Pacific Stock Exchange;
  9. Sun Insurance Company Limited; and
  10. Tower Insurance Fiji Limited.

Check out more information on this subcategory on this link.

Alexa has lists of Top Sites available by country, language or in a category.

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