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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Invest in Fiji Blog Readership : March 2009 vs February 2009

We provide you with statistics on our blog readership. Here are the readership statistics for our Promoting Suva blog for the months of February and March 2009. Data for February is given first followed by data for March.

February 2009
March 2009
  • Readership of the blog again grew in March 2009 compared to the month earlier;
  • Readers from Fiji, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada form our largest readership group. Readers from these countries can best be targeted for marketing from this blog;
  • Our top referring site continues to be This indicates our good visibility on google searches.
  • Keyword searches indicate that readers are searching for a issues relating to investing in Fiji. Interestingly there is an increase in searches on the impact of the global financial crisis on Fiji.

Companies can utilise our wide readership base and high search rankings to market and advertise their products.

For advertising to our wide readership base, check our advertising rates here. If you wish to discuss how we you can advertise your products and services on our blog, e-mail us on

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