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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Our Portfolio Management Services

The impact of the global financial crisis for Fiji can be seen in the figures released by the Reserve Bank of Fiji with a reduction in inward remittances by 26.7% during 2008. The tourism industry has also indicated how tough their marketing has been to attract tourists to Fiji at this time.

How can the crisis affect companies and individuals in Fiji?

Primarily, the impact of the crisis will be on those companies and individuals who have some assets or liabilities denominated in foreign currency or have products and services that they market to non-Fiji residents.

Companies and individuals who have their assets or liabilities denominated in foreign currency may find that their assets may increase or reduce in value depending on movements of the foreign currencies in which those assets have been denominated, against the Fiji dollar. For liabilities, they may find that they owe more or less than what they had previously owed, due again to movements in exchange rates.

Similarly, if an individual or company offers its products and services to a target market that are non-residents of Fiji and sell those overseas, then what they expect to get for those sales may change due to changes in exchange rates. More importantly, the global crisis may bring about a reduction in consumption demand in most of the economies/markets overseas which may include the economy/market where the individual or company offers its products and services.

Investment Advice and Portfolio Management Services

If you have investments or are considering some, it might be the best time to consult a professional that can assist you.

To protect your investments, we can assist you with portfolio management services at a competitive fee. As part of this service, we can review your current investments and make suggestions on how they can be improved to better weather the crisis. We can also review and recommend for you new investments that will meet your investment objectives. We will also provide you with regular (at least quarterly) updates on how your investments are performing during the time we manage your portfolio for you.

Investments will be held in your own name rather than by us giving you all the rights and control over investments made.

Our principal, Gilbert Veisamasama Jr, is a licensed investment advisor and with his licence he can provide investment advice and portfolio management services to clients.

If you are interested to discuss this further, please contact us on telephones (679) 3342719 or (679) 3544897 or email

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