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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Risk Management Consultancy

We are completing the development of a risk management framework including risk management policies, procedures and processes for an insurance company in Fiji.

As part of this consultancy, we used a risk management product that was have developed after reviewing other models being used overseas and developing a generic model that can be used for companies/organisations in Fiji and the Pacific Islands region.

The product helps us, together with the client, to develop policies to manage risks within the client company/organisation, including processes to identify, assess and manage risks within that company/organisation.

Most companies/organisations around the world and in the Pacific Islands region do not have a good idea of the risks that their businesses engage in or with.

It has been found that managing risks effectively, leads to improved efficiencies, effectiveness and profitability for a company/organisation.

Our product helps a company identify the risks that it engages in/with, assesses those risks and then identifies strategies to manage those risks. We can also recommend suitable changes to a client's organisation structure to put in place an appropriate hierarchy, reporting lines and systems to manage risks within that organisation/company.

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