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Monday, November 09, 2009

Reserve Bank increases Statutory Reserve Deposit Requirement

The Reserve Bank of Fiji has announced that it will increase banks Statutory Reserve Deposits to 7%, from the current 5%.

The increase will reduce the amount of funds that banks available for lending and other purposes.

The move comes as inflation rates rose to 6.3% in September 2009 from 5.1% a month earlier. Year end inflation has been forecasted by the Reserve Bank of Fiji at 9.5%.

Taken together with the Reserve Bank's earlier directive that banks reduce their interest spreads to 4% over 2009, banks will face committed pressure to attempt to maintain their profit margins as they work to meet the Reserve Bank's directive.

Over the last ten years, the Reserve Bank of Fiji has used interest rates as a primary tool to influence interest rates movements. Apparently, this might not have worked as planned so over the last two years, the Reserve Bank has gone back to using more direct means of controlling bank credit through the use of statutory reserve deposit requirements, credit ceilings and specific interest rates directives.

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